Please review the study consent form for complete information about Privacy, Security and Confidentiality related to the TRIDOM study.


Study records that identify you will be kept confidential.

Your study records will contain your name, medical history number, date of birth, race, name of the physician you are seeing today, information about your sample (type of sample, location, tracking numbers to locate sample easily), clinic in which samples was collected, and date of consent. Additionally your study record will include your overall medical history and medication history. These records will be updated as your medical history may change over time. All study records are available to the study doctor, research nurse, and data coordinator. Your study records will be secured in locked offices and password protected computers. Neither your name nor other personally identifying information will be used in any publication resulting from the research study.


The following are our efforts that are made to keep your information private:

Your blood samples will be assigned a unique number and stripped of all identifying information. Your identifying information collected during this study will not be shared with anyone outside of the University of Chicago. This information will be kept in a computer database that can only be accessed by the study staff or people following the study staff’s specific instructions.