The University of Chicago, Department of Medicine is starting an exciting new project aimed at understanding the genetic basis of human disease, also know as Genomic Research. This research will help scientists to identify biological markers that can help predict the risk of common diseases and their course over time. Examples of biological markers include blood type, like A, B, O or AB and other proteins in blood. These markers help determine the make up and functioning of our body. By studying these markers, scientists hope to improve their ability to predict, effectively treat, and ultimately prevent common diseases. The next stage of this research is to test these markers in large samples of healthy individuals as well as individuals with different diseases

Translational Research Initiative in the Department of Medicine (T.R.I.D.O.M) is large scale sample collection and study being conducted by the University of Chicago. The samples can be used to investigate the relationship of biomarkers of health status, disease status, and disease progression. The samples can be utilized by the University of Chicago Department of Medicine faculty, fellows and their collaborators to investigate these relationships.

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If you are over 18 years of age and see a doctor at the University of Chicago, you may be eligible to donate a sample for the T.R.I.D.O.M. project. We seek to enroll participants of all backgrounds, regardless of age, income, race or religion. We seek patients who are healthy, or those with medical conditions. To learn more, contact us and a research professional will contact you. You may also call our hotline at (773)702-3685.

Dr. Nancy J. Cox
Professor of Medicine
Chief, Section of Genetic Medicine
"It has been so gratifying to see the high commitment University of Chicago patients have shown for this research initiative. The partnership between patients, physicians and scientists is key to the discoveries that will make personalized medicine a reality."

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